Re-Style File #2: Jeans Makeover

21 Jul

I have had these jeans for YEARS! I originally purchased these destroyed denim jeans at Abercrombie & Fitch with my amazing employee discount. They were my most comfortable jeans I owned. Over the years, they have become particularly destroyed, way beyond what they were when I bought them. I just couldn’t part with them, so I decided to give them a makeover!

I started by seam ripping out the inseam. and cut the jean legs where the holes were (at the knees). With the exta material left from the legs, I cut 2 patches to fill in for a later step. Tip: don’t throw away the extra material, keep it just in case you need to patch other jeans in the future.

Start to pin the jeans at the top. Pin in one of the material patches and sew the underside first. I matched the stitching method that the jeans had. After that, I repeated the overlapped section using the same stitching.

Flip the skirt inside out and trim the excess seam allowance.

Lastly, hem the skirt to desired length.

After I was finished, I went back and patched some of the holes with the extra material from the jeans legs.

This is a great project to re-purpose your old jeans. You can also try this with little girls jeans that have holes at the knees, or even hand me downs that don’t quite fit in length. I have also seen jeans re-purposed as capris, shorts and even a purse! The possibilities are ENDLESS!


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