Psychedelic Cupcakes

19 Jul

My sister is…colorful! She is fun and silly and has a contagious laugh. We are 12 years apart in age. So, when I was turning 18 (as she is today), she was barely nearing 6. In many ways she hasn’t changed too much from that goofy (yet stubborn) 6 year old. She is still adventurous, fun-loving and addicted to sweets!

So, for her birthday I did what I do and baked her some cupcakes that just might be as colorful as she.

These are vanilla cupcakes with a fluffy whipped frosting, but you know how I love the details…I topped these otherwise plain cupcakes with a disk swirled with lots of color.

To make the disks I melted candies in 5 different colors: green, purple, blue, yellow and red. You have to work quickly so that nothing sets before you want it to. One by one I poured the melted candies onto a wax paper lined baking sheet in random patterns. Once they were all on the baking sheet I used toothpicks to swirl them together and kind of fill in some of the spots that were a little lighter or cover any holes. Make sure not to swirl too much or you’ll lose some of the pattern.

Once you have the desired effect, put it in the fridge for a few minutes (I set the timer for 5 minutes but it might vary depending on how cold your frig is). You want it to set enough that its not mushy or runny but not completely harden. Then, using a biscuit cutter or other circular shaped cookie cutter, cut out your disks, but leave them in place on the baking sheet. My husband came in at this point and watched me struggle with a couple of the disks as I wasn’t getting a clean cut. He took the metal (this wouldn’t work with plastic) biscuit cutter and heated it up on the stove top for me and the cuts were easier and came out cleaner. What a team!

Place everything back in the frig to completely harden. Frost your cupcakes and then gently lift each colorful disk (I used a fancy dancy–clean–playing card to lift mine). Place one atop each cupcake and gently press it into place.

My sister couldn’t wait until after dinner to try one of these cupcakes. I expected nothing less from her.

Happy 18th Birthday Keila! I love you!


One Response to “Psychedelic Cupcakes”

  1. Mom July 22, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    Reading this made my eyes tear up…how sweet. I can’t believe Keila is 18! The cupcakes were delicious…I love the disk, not only were they so colorful they were yummy 🙂

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