Chocolate Covered Goodness

18 Jul

In case you didn’t get your strawberry fix yesterday

I made an impromptu purchase at Walmart after picking up a stash of Almond Bark. The shelves were being stocked with strawberry cake mix from Duncan Hines for $1! I thought, mmmm, strawberry cake bites!

I made the cake the night before. I crumbled it up and added cream cheese frosting. I made sure to shape the cake into strawberries.

After the cake bites set up in the refrigerator, I took the red melting candies and melted them down as directed. I dipped each cake bite and let them set. Next, I melted the green candies in a piping bag and decorated each strawberry with green leaves. I also melted a chunk of almond bark and piped on the seeds.

After I melted chocolate almond bark in a bowl and dipped each strawberry and let them set.

One strawberry and a glass of milk will take care of your sweet tooth!

A delicious treat!

I also put a few in a box as a sweet treat for a special soon-to-be 18-year-old cousin of mine! Happy Birthday Keila B!

Happy Birthday Keila!


One Response to “Chocolate Covered Goodness”

  1. Mom July 22, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    Caasi these were delicious…and so pretty. Keila shared ❤

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