It’s A Surprise, Ya Savvy?

15 Jul

Quick Back Story: We were going to have a sweet little fairy party for our girls’ birthday BUT June Bug met Captain Jack Sparrow at the Renaissance Faire over Mother’s Day weekend. She fell in love with him (and so did the lady adults), he gave her his card, she swooned, and we changed birthday plans.

I want to buy that Ship Print.

menu: fresh grilled carne asada, chicken, and trip tip tacos, my grandma’s rice, my friend sha’s corn, mango, tomato grilled salad and the best garbanzo bean salad you’ll ever taste, fresh radishes, fresh berries, and homemade guac and salsa.

the drinkshibiscus mojitos, hibiscus tea, pacificos and bohemia’s (adult drinks). trader joe’s mermaid juice boxes and lemonade.  (agnes’ hibiscus tea w/ a major twist– ming suggested the hisbiscus mojitoes, which turned out to be a huge success. agnes created a miracle in a frap jar. my cousins, yvette and caas saved up starbucks jars for this party. yvette had an epiphany of paper striped straws in glass jars. i was suppose to apply chalk board paint and bring chalk. next party.)

the pièce de résistanceabout 85 pirate themed various flavored cupcakes (OMG! those cupcakes!!!) and three personalized stranded island cakes. the treasure cupcakes and ‘p’ sugar cookies were made by Whoopie Cookie’s own, yvette brinkman. the island cakes and cupcakes and skulls ‘n bones cupcakes were made by The Sweetest Addiction (aka my sister in law, Erin Thrasher-Comstock)

activities: a big pirate ship jumpy, a yard fit for pirates, a salt water pool for those to walk the plank, and a larger than life surprise!

favors: a hidden treasure chest with a surprise guest!

Couple things: 1) because this birthday was combined my husband and I decided we would go a little bigger than last year’s and 2) we decided hiring a photographer would be best so that we (he) could enjoy the party with friends, family, and our birthday girls.

We hired La Mia Bella Photo (because Teresa Brantley is just the best in the west). So, all photos you see in this post were taken by La Mia Bella Photo/Teresa Brantley.

Captain Sparrow was the most amazing character ever! As soon as we (Sha (fellow hostess and BFF) and me) met him he was in character. You really felt you had Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack walking along side of you. We had surprise the kids and he had them going along a treasure hunt with him, sword fights (he provided), he made them pirates, and taught them a special pirate birthday  song too! The kids ranged from 2 – twelve and we all swooned. The ladies fell for him and the men wished they could be him. You can find the amazing Brandon Hillock at

Pirate props for make-shift photo booth can be found at Jordan Ferney’s Oh Happy Day Blog.

–Best Birthday yet! Thank you Plunier Family for allowing us to party like pirates in ye’ yard. Huge thanks goes to Agnes for prepping, stirring, sweeting, (probably saving our lives) with the mojitos and other foods! Thanks to Ming, Nate, and my husband for grilling. Another huge thanks to Sha for EVERYTHING! Thanks to Grandma Yvonne for the jumpy and thank you to all our friends and family who drove long distances for the event.

Of course, more thanks to my grandma for making the best rice ever last minute and thank you Yvette and Erin for making amazing sweet treats of all sorts.


3 Responses to “It’s A Surprise, Ya Savvy?”

  1. Yvette July 15, 2011 at 9:20 am #

    This party was the best!

  2. shaheen July 15, 2011 at 10:40 pm #

    nice post!!
    i love the pics!!
    it was a wonderful birthday party!! i love my little girls!!! ya savvy!!!
    great work everyone!!

    • whoopiecookie July 15, 2011 at 11:00 pm #

      Thanks Sha! It really couldn’t have happened without you! xoxo aye savvy!

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