Wonderful Folk and Numerology Sprays

13 Jul

we all know that girls are made of sugar and spice plus everything nice and i think wendy polish captures all that in her dolls! stroll on over to Wonder Folk to check out all those beautiful textile dolls.

we also know that boys are made of snips and snails or something and most often smell like puppy dog tails. never fear! my friend agnes baddoo of the Present blog has crafted Everyw’air Sprays to help combat those stinky boy distractions. you could also use the sprays on your yoga mat or in your car (works especially well after your four-year old vomits in the backseat). the sprays come in three different scents based on agnes’ numerology knowledge. they’re great “personal” sprays and if you work in small, tight quarters with some funky people the scents pleasantly linger longer than they sit next to you. i have (and LOVE) all three! Oh, did i mention they fight germs? BONUS!

if you’re lucky  you can find the sprays at Feal Mor, New High Mart, Yolk, Lost & Found Los Angeles and agnes just might have some on her Etsy Page.



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