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Oh Snap!

31 Jul

I recently discovered my new favorite treat! Lemon Snaps a la Sprouts! I was shopping this weekend with the family at our local Sprouts Farmers Market. We picked up fruit, vegetables, grains and more. I also grabbed,as an impulse buy-2 for $3, a bag each of Lemon Snaps and Ginger Snaps. I am a huge fan of Ginger Snaps with coffee, but I’ve never tried, nor heard of, Lemon Snaps.

I opened up the bag and tried my first one and… WOW! It was so yummy! Sweet and a little crunchy with a lemon-y zing! They are so good that the bag comes with a warning: “In the end, the only challenge will be resisting the temptation to eat the whole bag!” Boy are they right! It’s been a day and a half, the bag is gone! I’m going back to stock up! I am thinking of other ways to incorporate these delicious treats into family favorite recipes. I would love to try these cookies layered with lemon custard/pudding and homemade whipped cream or crush them up like graham crackers and use them as a crust for cheese cake!

Any other ideas I should consider? Have you ever tried Lemon Snaps?


… and the next day, you’re out!

30 Jul

So it seems that the All the Frills bag and the Sophia Hobo bag are OUT! And that means the bag with the most votes is….

The Pleated Shoulder Bag… you’re in!!! Thanks for helping us make the tough decision!

If you’d like to WIN our version of this fabulous bag, there are 3 ways to enter:

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If you do all three… you increase your chances of winning! If you already subscribe and/or like us on Facebook, you are automatically entered to win. We will announce the winner on Monday, August 8th!

We are so excited for our 1 year Anniversary and even more excited that we can share it with all of our loyal readers! We are looking forward to many more years of fun projects, crafts, sweets and treats!

New Life for Old Toys

28 Jul

We have a lot of tiny little toys. Since we got a puppy that chews on everything I have become acutely aware of this dangerous fact.

Ryan McElhinney’s pieces spoke right to me!  I found these amazing works of art via Curbly earlier this week.

I immediately sifted through all the tiny army guys, action figures, and happy meal toys that we have collected over the last 5 years and found that I had plenty to work with.  Once piece at a time, with hot glue I put my puzzle together.  Here it is all pieced together…

Initially I was unsure about what color I wanted to paint it.  But when I saw that I already had a can of glossy white paint left over from this project, my decision was easy.  In all this project cost me $0.00.  I had everything on hand and I bet you do too!

I think this project is great way to upcycle some old toys and avoid sending those little guys to a landfill somewhere.   I will admit that my son was a little sad when he realized that he wouldn’t be able to play with these particular toys anymore, but I did my best to pull only the ones that were damaged already.  There a lot of wounded veteran army guys in this lamp.  Save a wounded vet, make a lamp!

California Love

27 Jul

Vintage- looking State Tee tutorial! Come on Ilene, you had me at VINTAGE!!  It caught my eye, so I checked it out. My daughter is really into learning her states right now so I decided to surprise her with her very own California tee!

I found a plain shirt from her closet. Being that it is summer, I made this long sleeve into a short sleeve. I followed Ilene’s easy instructions and cut out California and sewed it on the shirt.

The placement of the heart is no accident, the tip points to Los Angeles! Home Sweet Home!

Better with Age

26 Jul

Summer turned 30 this year (don’t worry you don’t look a day over 24!).  We had originally talked about going to Napa for some serious wine tasting, but as that did not get off the ground (work, kids, you know how that goes), we got together with friends and family for a little wine tasting courtesy of Vineagogo

Summer’s BFF, Shaheen, was generous enough to host the party at her home.  She is a fabulous cook and whipped up some bites for the wine tasting portion of the day as well as a full on meal for afterwards!

Vineagogo supplied the wine and gorgeous glasses and we supplied the fabulous company!

We got to taste several wines and even got schooled on which wines come from where and what makes up the regional differences. Once the seriously interesting discussion about the wine was over we ate, we drank, and we were very merry!

Since all of the wines we tasted were French in origin, I brought along some French desserts from Opera here in San Diego. To display these French macarons I wrapped a styrofoam cone in decorative paper. Toothpicks held each cookie in place. Make sure to buy more than you think you’ll need. It took 4 dozen to fill the smaller cone I made!

Have you ever brought the winery home and hosted a wine tasting in your home?

Whoopie Cakes

25 Jul

Is it possible that we beat the French to a trend?

Of course whoopie pies have been a favorite on the East Coast since the 20s, but only recently reached “trendy” status.  In fact earlier this year, the whoopie pie was named the official dessert of the state of Maine!  Does California have an official dessert?  Maybe I should convene a panel to pick one…

At any rate, I subscribe to the Newsletter for a French children’s magazine, Milk.   Initially, I hoped it was a way to help me retain all that French I studied in college for my minor.  Now, it has become a source of inspiration.  I have never actually seen a copy of the magazine itself here in the states, but Jordan, of Oh Happy Day, mentioned in a recent post that she has happened upon it in San Fran.

In the latest newsletter from Milk, I noticed that they have jumped on the whoopie pie band wagon.  Or, perhaps its more of a bakers truck.  I was frankly a little surprised that these sweet, and pint-sized, cakes hadn’t become the craze in Europe that they had here sooner.  I mean if there is one thing that the French do well, its desserts!

The pies sold at La Grande Epicerie Paris are dubbed “whoopie cakes,” which honestly is probably a more appropriate name.  They sell for 3,90 Euros each, which is about $5.61 USD!     The most I’ve seen a whoopie pie sell for here in California is $3 so maybe we shouldn’t feel so guilty when we indulge ourselves?!  So start the week off right and pick up a little something sweet for yourself today.  Smile while you eat it, knowing that not only did you probably spend less than your French counterpart, but you’re one trendy step ahead of her…and I bet she can’t catch you in those heels she’s always wearing!


Red Velvet Cake of the Month

22 Jul

Its July. You know what that means! A new cake! Last month Caasi made me this cake as the first installment in the cake of the month club (aka the best birthday present ever). 

July’s cake is a Red Velvet Cake! 

I must admit that I’ve never really had Red Velvet Cake before.  I once had a bite, a taste if you will, of a Red Velvet Cupcake, but never a whole slice of cake, let alone an entire cake!

Caasi’s Red Velvet Cake is so moist and fluffy, I fear that no other Red Velvet Cake will ever match up!   I have been ruined!

Have you ever signed up for a something-of-the-month club?  Its only been two months so far but it has been so much fun to look forward to something new each month.  I definitely recommend it so be sure to put a cake of the month on your birthday list this year!

I’m already looking forward to next month!  Have a great weekend!

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