A Cookie Within A Cookie

28 Jun

My sister told me about these cookies. A cookie within a cookie, she says…I was suspicious.

Well, last week I tried it myself and let me tell you…THESE ARE SERIOUS COOKIES! These are not for the I-like-a-cookie-every-once-in-awhile kind of people. These are for the dedicated sugar fiends. These are for the junk food junkies. These are for ME!

So now that you have been properly warned, check it out.

And the center:

It’s really simple. I used a dough scoop to form two balls of chocolate chip cookie dough and placed them above and below the Oreo cookie. I gently pressed them down so that the dough spread out a little just so that I could pinch it around the edges.  You just want the Oreo to be completely covered by the chocolate chip cookie dough.  They are gonna be big.  I seriously only needed to eat one.  Which, if you know me, you know that is highly unusual!

Since my dear little sister turned me on to these puppies, I of course had to send her some.  I recently purchased a spool of baker’s twine and love the look of baker’s twine wrapped around pretty glassine bags.  I don’t have any glassine bags.  Poor planning really…note to self, order glassine bags.

But, last week I didn’t have the benefit of having ordered glassine bags.  So I decided to attempt to fashion my own. 

With my previous experience working with wax paper here, I thought why not make a baggy out of it?  The wax paper is food safe and has a similar look to the glassine bags. 

I cut a piece out and overlapped the long edges.  I sandwiched them between parchment paper to avoid burning it and ironed it till they were melted together. 

I let it cool and then I folded one of the open ends inside on itself and ironed again until it had melted together.

Lastly, I place some cookies inside and folded the open end over and tied it off with some baker’s twine. 

In a pinch I think the wax paper worked great.  I would totally make these DIY glassine bags again!


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