Have S’more Cake Pops…

23 Jun

Yesterday was the first day of Summer! A few of my favorite things about summer are warm summer nights, camping, and S’mores! To make this crowd favorite dessert/snack portable, why not make it a pop?

I started by baking a chocolate cake in a 9×13 pan, the boxed kind. I let it cool and then crubled it. I then added marshmallow fluff. start with a little and you can gradually add more until you can ball it up in your hand and it sticks. I suggest mixing the fluff in with a spatula… it’s a sticky mess! I balled mine up and shaped them into jumbo marshmallow size.

I tasted the cake mix and the marshmallow fluff didn’t add the flavor I was hoping for. Yvette had suggested adding a mini marshmallow in the center and ball the cake around it. A very good solution! I, however, didn’t have time to make a run to the grocery store. I decided to butter a little of the fluff on top before putting the pops in the freezer.

While the little cakes were freezing- about 25 minutes, I crushed up a couple squares of graham crackers for the topping. I also started melting the candies for the outside coating. The melting candies create a thick outside shell, this is great for cake balls, but I wanted my little cakes to maintain their mashmallow shape! As you can see… they look like mis-shaped. I also had this thought of dipping only the bottom and leaving a little of the cake showing to appear burnt from the camp fire.. it was a thought.

I tried to thin the melted candy out… that was a disaster! It did the opposite! So I will be on the hunt for almond bark! Yvette said she uses it for her pops.. it’s a little thinner consistency. I hope that the almond bark works!

the saga continues…stay tuned for the finished result in tomorrow’s post!


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