Give Him What He Really Wants

14 Jun

Both my husband and my father are probably most at home with a beer in their hands, manning the BBQ.  So for Father’s Day a couple of years ago I decided to add a personalized touch to that picture.

I went to My Own Labels and created personalized labels.  They looked as great in person as they did on the computer.  I purchased a six-pack of a favorite beer and soaked them in warm water and scraped all the original labels off, replacing them with the adorably personalized ones.

They were so cute and I knew that it was something they could really enjoy.

To wrap them I recycled a paper grocery bag and covered the original container and placed an extra label on it.  Easy Squeezy!

Another great idea for personalized labels would be a jar of spice rub for the BBQing dad.  Caroline, of Armelle–the Blog, has a great recipe here.  My Own Labels also has really cute labels for jars (think sauces, rubs, and the likes).

So get the BBQ going and sit back and enjoy a little sunshine with Dad.  Happy Father’s Day!


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