Gifts For The Best Dad Ever

12 Jun
My dad is the best dad ever. He’s like Clint Eastwood living in a mechanic’s dream garage. So you would think it would be easy shopping for him. Nope. He has everything he wants/needs and never wants anything new. The best I could do for my dad is get him Tejavas and leave him alone. Which I think all dad’s really want… is to be left alone to do their thing. Besides the gift of loneliness, I’ve rounded up some different from the usual gift ideas.
For Dad who likes to cook the unusual:
This Corn Dog Factory is sure to surprise and astound the Coney Island right out of his pants!

Corn Dog Factory - 24.99USD

For the Molecularly Smart in the Lab Dad: This molecular cuisine starter kit has fifty strange and scientific recipes to really wow the kids and neighbors and you. Includes a DVD too (for anything you should at least watch the video about this kit!).

Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit - 79.99USD

For The Coolest Nerd I Know Dad: We all thought our dad was dork or a nerd at one time, show him how cool he is now by staying hip with his dorky side with this silly binary shirt (which my husband wants) or with the ever stylish clip-on 8-bit tie.

Binary Dad Shirt - 17.99USD +

Pixelated Tie - 14.99USD

For The iDad: If he has the iPod,  iPhone, or  iPad (or just about any iWhatever) he might need this slick case by Vers. Beautiful real wood that comes in three different colors –  bamboo, cherry, and walnut. Here’s a little something from the Vers site:
Every Vers wood case is steel reinforced and comes with a soft, scratch resistant lining, and depending on the case design, there are openings for the headphone jack and the charging port.
As with all of our wood sound systems and accessories, for every tree we use in production, we plant 100 through our long-time partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

Vers Wood iPhone4 Case - 19.99USD+

For the Remote Control Dad:
My friend has the NetFlix | Roku and we stay up all night watching movies and tv shows. For the dad who doesn’t have time to watch tv all day he can catch up on Deadliest Catch or whatever sport is in season with the Netflix | Roku (I want one)! AND Dad doesn’t have to make late night last minute runs to the recently closed video rental shops.

NetFlix-Roku – Set Top Device - 99USD

For the “Top Gun Dad” That Doesn’t Want A Physical Gift Dad: If your dad is a thrill seeker check out what I saw on Daily Candy the other day. You might want to try this out for yourself first because some dads can’t take the heat of an F-16 Fighter Jet Flight Simulator: Give your father the thrill of a lifetime with a ride on an authentic F-16 fighter jet flight simulator ($69). The Anaheim aviation-themed adventure makes the attractions at nearby Disneyland seem like child’s play. 1650 South Sinclair Street, at East Howell Avenue, Anaheim (714-937-1511).
Please share your best-dad-ever gift ideas with us. We might like yours better than ours.

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