Beyond the Take Out Box

9 Jun

I may not be a Baker by trade, but I like to think I am at heart. 

As I mentioned in my previous post here, my son graduated pre-school this week.  I purchased small gifts for his teachers, as a thank you for all the wonderful (and often unrewarded) work they did over this school year. 

Since I had been in the kitchen all night preparing the chocolate graduation caps, there I found inspiration for wrapping the gifts. 

I used parchment paper, bakers twine, and cupcake papers.  I will say the parchment paper was a smidge difficult to work with since tape didn’t stick to it.  I literally had to hold it together with one hand while I wrapped the bakers twine around to secure it in place.  But once you have one strand of bakers twine in place, the rest is a breeze.  I took scrap bakers twine and knotted it over and over again until the knot was large enough that it would not slip through the small hole I made in the cupcake papers.  **A note on making a hole in the cupcake papers: I tried doing it with scissors…I do not recommend it!  I sliced my finger pretty good! **

I think using non-traditional items for gift wrap helps to drive home the “its the thought that counts” message, since, it is clear, before the gift itself is evident, that you really put some effort into it. 

Many thanks to all the wonderful teachers out there who put so much “extra credit” into their job to benefit our children!


3 Responses to “Beyond the Take Out Box”

  1. Jennifer June 10, 2011 at 11:25 am #

    Yvette, I just love your articles on here. You are so creative, and talented. I look forward to your posts, and helpful ideas. Keep it up!


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