Best Brownie Debate

4 Jun

While taking a walk with my friend and co-worker, David, during our lunch hour, we pondered brownies. He began to tell me about what he says is the best and only type of brownie he likes. This made me start to wonder, what have I been missing out on? Of course there are many types of brownies and everyone has their favorite. My favorite.. ALL BROWNIES! David’s favorite and reason for this post.. brownies laced with… chocolate chip cookies! Get your minds out of the gutter! I was intrigued and had to attempt this feat myself.

I started with the box brownie mix.. nothing special.. just brownie mix. Hey! a girl needs a little cheat every once in a while! Not to worry.. the chocolate chip cookies were from scratch, recipe courtesy of Pheobe Buffet’s grandmother.. Nestle Toll-house! ( a little nod to my fav show EVER!)

Make the brownie mix as directed and pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Make chocolate chip cookies, as directed. I chose to omit the nuts.. because sometimes you feel like a… sometimes you don’t.

Pour the brownie yumminess into a greased 9 x 13 dish.

Next, spoon dollops of cookie dough onto the brownie batter. There is no right or wrong to this step.. I tried for a marbled effect. After, I gave the pan a little shake to help the cookie dough sink in. Pop the pan in the oven.. I set the time for 24 minutes and did the toothpick check.. it wasn’t ready. I reset for 5 minutes and checked again.. looks good, but I gave it 2 more minutes. That may have been pushing it.. the smoke alarm started going off! Not to worry, the brownies came out PERFECT!

I have seen the brownie/cookie combo, but in most cases the cookie completely covered the brownie. For me, I like the marbling. David may be right… this is a pretty darn good brownie! What are your favorite brownies? With nuts? With a caramel swirl? In the form of bites or pops… like from Sweet & Salty?

PS: There will be extra cookie dough! That is the bonus! I rolled my extra dough up and froze it for another day/ post.


One Response to “Best Brownie Debate”

  1. Yvette June 4, 2011 at 9:52 pm #

    Mmmmm…looks good. I am def gonna try this! ~Yvette

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