Krafty Kids

2 Jun

If you remember, a while back I cut out many patterns so that they were ready to go when I had time. Could you believe that I finally was able to complete one tonight?

I bought a great book called One Yard Wonders. This book as so many great ideas and patterns..all made from one yard of fabric! An amazing idea! The projects range from clothes, crafts, gift ideas, practical household items and more! The project I made was a children’s craft apron.

The material I had one hand, quilting quarters. One of the fabrics was a little thin, so I changed up the instructions and cut two apron fronts, apron backs and pocket pieces. Basically, I lined the thinner fabric so it is finished nicely front and back. I know I broke the rules by using more than a yard of fabric. While technically this is true, I still saved money! The quilting quarters were purchased on sale and I had the ribbon which was given to me. This little project cost me less than $3!

I love that the project was so easy and I love that it turns into a tote bag when not in use! I think it makes a great homemade gift for little youngsters who like to craft or cook!


One Response to “Krafty Kids”

  1. Yvette June 2, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    So cute! I love that it converts. I love double duty gifts! ~Yvette

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