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Cinnamon Chip Scones

29 Jun

My son’s baseball team party happened to be in the morning following an early game. So everyone brought breakfast items to share. I brought these and these.

One mom brought Cinnamon Chip Scones. What is a cinnamon chip? Well, I don’t know exactly, but Hershey makes them and I am told that only Albertson’s carries them (at least in our area).

When I opened the bag the smell of the cinnamon chips immediately reminded me of Quaker’s cinnamon flavor instant oatmeal. I think they’d be great in oatmeal cookies. More on that to come…

Many thanks to Kristen Dockan for sharing the recipe:

Combine the following

3 1/4 cups flour
1/3 cup sugar
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt

With 1/2 cup butter until mixture is crumbly.

Add 1 cup buttermilk

Stir in 5 oz cinnamon chips (about half a bag).

Gently knead a few times. Divide dough in half and pat each half into a 7 inch circle. Brush with butter and generously sprinkle with sugar. Cut each circle into 6 wedges. Separate wedges and place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 400 for about 20 minutes or until lightly brown. Remove to rack to cool.


A Cookie Within A Cookie

28 Jun

My sister told me about these cookies. A cookie within a cookie, she says…I was suspicious.

Well, last week I tried it myself and let me tell you…THESE ARE SERIOUS COOKIES! These are not for the I-like-a-cookie-every-once-in-awhile kind of people. These are for the dedicated sugar fiends. These are for the junk food junkies. These are for ME!

So now that you have been properly warned, check it out.

And the center:

It’s really simple. I used a dough scoop to form two balls of chocolate chip cookie dough and placed them above and below the Oreo cookie. I gently pressed them down so that the dough spread out a little just so that I could pinch it around the edges.  You just want the Oreo to be completely covered by the chocolate chip cookie dough.  They are gonna be big.  I seriously only needed to eat one.  Which, if you know me, you know that is highly unusual!

Since my dear little sister turned me on to these puppies, I of course had to send her some.  I recently purchased a spool of baker’s twine and love the look of baker’s twine wrapped around pretty glassine bags.  I don’t have any glassine bags.  Poor planning really…note to self, order glassine bags.

But, last week I didn’t have the benefit of having ordered glassine bags.  So I decided to attempt to fashion my own. 

With my previous experience working with wax paper here, I thought why not make a baggy out of it?  The wax paper is food safe and has a similar look to the glassine bags. 

I cut a piece out and overlapped the long edges.  I sandwiched them between parchment paper to avoid burning it and ironed it till they were melted together. 

I let it cool and then I folded one of the open ends inside on itself and ironed again until it had melted together.

Lastly, I place some cookies inside and folded the open end over and tied it off with some baker’s twine. 

In a pinch I think the wax paper worked great.  I would totally make these DIY glassine bags again!

Cake Pop Tips

27 Jun

I spent the day with my gal pals, Cecilia and Sarah. Eager to create these tasty treats, we decided to get together and have a cake pop party! Today we made red velvet cake pops and brownie pops. We tried two techniques…we paired white vanilla almond bark and sprinkles with the red velvet cakes and the chocolate almond bark and chocolate drizzle with the brownie pops.

The purpose of this post is to provide you with tips on how to make your own at home!

Tip 1: Cake pops don’t have to be complicated, boxed cakes or brownie mix are great time savers! Today, we used Duncan Hines red velvet cake mix and Betty Crocker’s brownie mix. Another tip…all cake pops taste good, so buy what’s on sale! The red velvet cake mix was on sale at my local grocery store for $1.88! Score!

Tip 2: The messy part… Break up the cakes when fully cooled. Break them into fine crumbles with your hands. When adding the frosting, we used cream cheese frosting for the red velvet cake, add a little at a time. I know that I like more of a cake like consistency, rather than mushy pops. Today, we started with 1/4c and slowly added about 3tbs more, just enough to hold the cake together to make the round ball shape. For the brownie pops…we didn’t even add frosting! The brownies squished together with no problem, once crumbled. This may be due to the specific boxed brand, so you may want to have chocolate frosting on hand just in case you need it…if you don’t, you have some on hand in the pantry for next time!

Tip 3: The second messy part is melting the almond bark. Only melt a little at a time. And when you run out, melt some more. This way, the melting candy won’t harden on you. Also, it is important to melt as directed on the packaging, you don’t want it to burn. When melting small amounts, I microwave the almond bark in a microwave safe bowl on the defrost setting for 45 seconds, then in 15 second intervals, stirring in between, until melted and smooth. A double boiler works well too!

"The Warewolf" aka- what happens when the melting candy hardens...

Tip 4: Coating the pop…we found it easiest to slowly swirl the cake pop in the melting candy and then use a spatula to cover the entire pop. Add sprinkles right after so that the sprinkles stick once the candy coating dries.

Tip 5: Piping melting chocolate… Once we finished dipping all of the brownie pops, we scraped the remaining melting chocolate into a plastic piping bag, or zip lock bag works too. We snipped the tip and drizzled chocolate on top of the already dried cake pops.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any tips to add that you find helped you out. We also welcome questions!

S’more Pops: Take Two

24 Jun

So, tonight was a better baking night, the finale of the Smore’s pop! Yesterday was a bit of a challenge with the little pops, but the almond bark worked great! I melted the bark and then dipped the pops. Lastly, dip or sprinkle the graham crakers on top.

The best part about the smore pop is that you could use any combination and it will taste great! You can add the crumbled graham crakers to the cake and then make them into cake balls, you can add mini mashmallows on top or in the center of the cake, you can use marshmallow fluff or frosting.. it sure would be a tastey experiment!

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Have S’more Cake Pops…

23 Jun

Yesterday was the first day of Summer! A few of my favorite things about summer are warm summer nights, camping, and S’mores! To make this crowd favorite dessert/snack portable, why not make it a pop?

I started by baking a chocolate cake in a 9×13 pan, the boxed kind. I let it cool and then crubled it. I then added marshmallow fluff. start with a little and you can gradually add more until you can ball it up in your hand and it sticks. I suggest mixing the fluff in with a spatula… it’s a sticky mess! I balled mine up and shaped them into jumbo marshmallow size.

I tasted the cake mix and the marshmallow fluff didn’t add the flavor I was hoping for. Yvette had suggested adding a mini marshmallow in the center and ball the cake around it. A very good solution! I, however, didn’t have time to make a run to the grocery store. I decided to butter a little of the fluff on top before putting the pops in the freezer.

While the little cakes were freezing- about 25 minutes, I crushed up a couple squares of graham crackers for the topping. I also started melting the candies for the outside coating. The melting candies create a thick outside shell, this is great for cake balls, but I wanted my little cakes to maintain their mashmallow shape! As you can see… they look like mis-shaped. I also had this thought of dipping only the bottom and leaving a little of the cake showing to appear burnt from the camp fire.. it was a thought.

I tried to thin the melted candy out… that was a disaster! It did the opposite! So I will be on the hunt for almond bark! Yvette said she uses it for her pops.. it’s a little thinner consistency. I hope that the almond bark works!

the saga continues…stay tuned for the finished result in tomorrow’s post!

On Call

21 Jun

Dr. Mom was on call once again. The patient: a dolphin- aka “Flipper”. Reason for visit: lack of polyester fiberfill. Recommendation: minor surgery.  This procedure is a little more invasive than my last. The last patient only needed a band-aid!

First step was sterilization. “Flipper” took a dive into the washer and then a spin in the dryer.

Next, I removed the tattered tag and seam ripped under one fin.

Once open, I added a little polyester fiberfill at a time. After filling the dolphin enough, I stitched the hole back up.

“Flipper” is good as new!

Father’s Day Cake Pops

19 Jun

Today we celebrated Father’s Day with a neighborhood pot luck. As always, I volunteered for dessert duty. Today I had two contributions.

First, I added some necktie cupcake toppers to left over cupcakes from yesterday’s birthday festivities. Thank you Erin Comstock-Thrasher for making 72 cupcakes! They were delish even a day later.

In addition, I wanted to make some kind of cupcake or cake pop (something that wouldn’t require a plate and fork to eat) that reflected the day’s celebration.  I decided on cake pops.

To make these cake pops I simply shaped them into a sort of cone shape instead of balls.  But first, as my cake cooled, I made the trophy handles by piping melting candy into the appropriate shape onto a piece of wax paper.  I placed them in the refrigerator to set.  Then, I took an unmelted melting candy and burrowed a hole in the center with a drinking straw as the base of the trophy.   I slide the base onto the stick just before dipping it into the melting candy and placing it into the cake cone.  After they set in the freezer for a minute or two, I dipped them in the yellow melting candy.  As soon as they were fully coated, I VERY CAREFULLY, lifted a handle from my wax paper and gently attached it to the side.  Once they were all completely set, I went back with white melting candy to write “#1 Dad.”  I initially purchased a package of Wilton’s Food Writers, but they just didn’t work on the candy coating.  Or, I just couldn’t figure out how to work them, but it shouldn’t have been complicated, it’s a pen!  At any rate, I went with the melting candy instead.

My husband isn’t a huge fan of sweets, but I made these with dulce de leche (like these) at his request.  He loved them!

I think all the kids liked them too!

Happy Father’s Day!



Happy Father’s Day

19 Jun

Sometimes it’s not about gifts, it’s about being together and being a family. We celebrated Father’s Day with a walk at the park to see the ducks. Later, my daughter and I made my husband’s favorite dessert- Boston Cream Pie.

With one 9″ yellow cake round, cut in half, we spread on the home-made custard and topped it with homemade chocolate “sauce” that looks more like frosting or paste. I should have sifted the powdered sugar.. Oh Well!.. still tastes great!

Have a very sweet Father’s Day!

Upcycled Gift Tags

18 Jun

While getting the gifts together for today’s birthday party, I noticed I didn’t have any gift tags. I reuse gift bags- who doesn’t? – and they needed new gift tags! I had an idea!

I went to my box of greeting cards and found some that I could use to make gift tags. I save all greeting cards that we get, I can’t seem to throw them away- what a waste!

I cut the cards in various ways and punched holes in the corners. I then added ribbon to tie and that was it! You could use scalloped scissors, glue, glitter, stickers anything you want!
Pirate Gift Tag
It’s Party Time!

Sneak Peek

17 Jun

A certain couple of adorable little girls are celebrating their birthdays this weekend.  Here’s a sneak peek of some of the goodies prepared for the party.

Can you guess the theme?

Have a safe and fabulous weekend!  Be sure to check back next week for more details about the party!

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