Totally 80s Cake Pops

31 May

All of us here at WhoopieCookie were born in the 80s and it feels like everyone is turning 30 this year (yikes! 30!). Over the weekend I went to yet another 30th birthday party. In honor of the decade of her birth, Gaby’s theme was appropriately 80s!

I put together some cake pops for the party. How do cake pops go 80s? Pop Rocks!

I used Funfetti cake and Rainbow Chip frosting for the cake balls. I tried to dye the candy coating a lime green, but that was a little bit of a disaster. In the end I had to add so much additional almond bark to get it smooth again, that the color was super diluted anyways. Oh well! Once coated, I sprinkled Watermelon Pop Rocks on top.

I wrapped them with clear plastic and some neon moshi tape. I think the combination of the pop rocks with the neon colors like totally screams 80s.

As far as the flavor goes, the pop rocks were like a party in your mouth, I would definately recommend this combo and would make them again…oh wait!  I did make them again like 2 days later!  Like for sure!

Happy Birthday Gaby!

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2 Responses to “Totally 80s Cake Pops”

  1. summer May 31, 2011 at 8:10 pm #

    like my dad said, “it was an explosion in my mouth!” ew. gross. maybe someone else should have quoted him? they were the bomb (no pun intended!)


  1. Soccer Ball Cake Pops « whoopie cookie - August 16, 2011

    […] the problem became, how do I color the melted almond bark?  I tried to use regular food coloring here.   That was a lumpy disaster.  Where is Alton Brown when I need him to explain the science behind […]

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