DIY TV Cover

24 May

Having made my bedroom a peaceful sanctuary, I questioned whether or not to keep a television in the room. I like to watch late night TV in bed but I believe that I likely to sleep better if I don’t have that black box staring me in the face, saying, “look at me with all my facy lights and buttons!”

So, I commissioned my husband to build me a cover so that it could at least be put away when I was really interested in rest.

The basic design is a shelf mounted above the TV. Attached to the face of the shelf are two drawer slides.

I purchased two canvases and painted a faux frame around the edge. For the “artwork” inside the frame, I placed 4 drawer pulls and hung some of my necklaces. So, the idea was that when everything was closed, it just looks like jewelry central.

Instead of running the wires into the wall, we just ran them down the wall and covered them. I’m deathly afraid of punching holes in my walls.

Overall, I am more than pleased with the results. I love watching movies in bed but, just as much, I love the option to close the electronics and drift away into some peaceful sleep.


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