Finishing Touches on the Cheap-Part 2

20 May

While completing my bedroom, I discovered what could be considered a blank slate or a nightmare–an empty corner!  Having finished off the focal point of the room I didn’t want to fill the corner with something that might compete but to leave it sad and alone was not an option.  In a small space I had to think of function first.  Was there anything that I really needed for the room to function better?

Storage.  In a condo, you can always use more storage.

So I found a storage cube to store extra linens.  But I still felt like I needed some height.  I just happened  to come upon a standing birdcage at my local superstore.  It was kind of a brassy-grandma-gold color.  After a can of spray paint, it went from dated to contemporary in a no time at all.

The whole project took about 10 minutes and $35 and it brought just the right balance to the other side of the room.  I finished off the vignette with a copy of my marriage certificate.

Sometimes your local discount or super store can be a treasure trove with some vision and a can of spray paint!  Take a second look!


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