Let Me Eat the Cake

19 May

…all of it…

In fact I was prepared to wallow in it. Unhappy with the prospect of turning 30 this year, I specifically requested no parties or fanfare of any kind. Well, like many husbands, mine suffers from an acute hearing disorder.

My husband planned and executed a fabulous 30th birthday party in my honor and as it turns out I am so grateful he did.

Inspired by Marie Antionette’s willingness to indulge in the finest, the “Let Them Eat Cake” party was born.

My husband planned the menu, did all the cooking, downloaded a ton of period specific music, and did much of the heavy lifting around here to get our small-ish condo fit for our guests.  But I pitched in when it came to decor.  Let’s face it, he was not going to pick up puffy paint…

Since flowers were a must, I knew I was going to need several vases.  I used this technique to fancy up some recycled cans and jars (Thanks to Summer for dumpster diving to rescue some).

I made small party favors using a recycled material as well.  I purchased small favor boxes and decorated them with a glittery gold tape and a topper made of telephone book pages.

I brought out my husband’s Grandmother’s china for serving dishes to add to the fancy factor, and since chandeliers are a must, I installed 5 throughout the living room/dining room, bathroom, and patio.  Again, I recycled three cardboard boxes to create the chandeliers using this guide.

To really add emphasis to the theme of the night we actually devoted an entire room to all the cakes and other desserts (everything from the actual cake to macaroons and chocolate covered strawberries) and my favorite champagne and champagne punch.

Preparing your home for a party can be very stressful and as the old saying goes, “the devil is in the details.”  I have to say that I stressed over the details.  But with champagne in hand, surrounded by the people who mean the most to me, it was a magical night!


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