Heritage House Tea

17 May

Sunday we attended the English Tea hosted by the Heritage House in Riverside, CA. 

Shortly after arriving we took a tour of the house and learned A LOT about the history of the house, the period in general, and the city of Riverside.  Much of the house is original including some of the beautiful tile work.  One thing I found interesting was that the materials used upstairs versus downstairs were dramatically different.  Only the fancy tiles and best woods would do in areas where the family would be entertaining, but upstairs, in more private rooms, the style and materials were much more modest.  Do you find that you decorate in the same way? 

After the tour had a few moments to check out the gift shop while they finished setting up for the Tea.  We of course took that time to take pictures of ourselves with our fascinators on!

Once we sat down for the actual Tea we were served with Earl Grey Tea and fresh fruit.  From that moment on, we were served one yummy bite after another: small tea sandwiches (poppyseed with cream cheese, cucumber, and chicken salad),  scones with devonshire cream and strawberry preserves, cherry tarts, ginger cookies, and a hummingbird cake in honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday. 

Just before cutting into the cake we toasted (or “bumped”) to Queen Victoria herself. 

We were told that all the food was prepared by one woman!  No wonder they only do this Tea twice a year!  It was a lot of fun.  Can’t wait for next year!


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