Pinky up?

13 May

Despite popular belief, pinky up is not considered “fancy” or proper in High Tea Etiquette. I decided to hone in my etiquette for the upcoming tea party! I found a great little website,, and began reading/learning. Mostly, I kind of knew the rules already.. I mean, it’s just good manners! I’ll just touch on a few….

Food is served in a certain order- scones, sandwiches then sweets. It is important to not shove a whole sandwich (or three, if you are my sister at last year’s tea) in you mouth. Take small bites…Scones should be broken into small bite size pieces. Also, never dip your scone in the jam or cream and never use a fork to eat it.

Here are some good manners… It wouldn’t hurt to try these even when not at tea! Never sip or slurp your tea and when you leave the table, place your napkin from your lap to your chair-not the table. I think I’m ready! If you’d like to learn more, check out The Tea Party Club! The site also has tips on planning a tea party, tea party themes, food ideas and tips on being a good hostess!

I couldn’t just leave you with only etiquette today, I also found these great items on etsy! The first is a cute three tiered serving dish by The Salvaged Tea Party and the second is a tea cup light pendant by Mostaza Seed! Up-cycled items are not just clever ideas…they are GOOD MANNERS toward our environment too!

The Salvaged Tea Party

The Salvaged Tea Party

Mostaza Seed

From Mostaza Seed

One day left until TEA TIME!


One Response to “Pinky up?”

  1. Yvonne May 14, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    ooh tomorrow is the day!! ooh and i forgot what time to be there…cant wait!!!

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