Etsy Finds: Tea Time

11 May

In honor of English Tea week at WhoopieCookie, I’ve scoured Etsy for the proper, the pretty and the tea party….

StayGoldMaryRose takes real tea cups (you can even send her one of your own) and turns them into beautiful, wearable bangles.  Seriously, its like very delicate magic!

Thisilk‘s earrings are made of vintage ivory lace.  Rock these to tea time to elevate the whole affair.

PRRINT sells prints on vintage book pages.  I was recently gifted a similar item (Thank You, Summer!) and love it.  They are both beautiful and interesting.  I love that there is literally a story behind it.

Whimsyandspice went ahead and efficiently combined your tea and your cookies!  These Earl Grey Sandwich cookies are filled with white chocolate…a personal favorite of mine.  What’s not to love?

Braggingbags makes your pies look even more beautiful.  These lovebird cake/pie toppers can be engraved with whatever your little heart desires.  Imagine your tea time tablescape with these.  Too cute!


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