popping cakes

6 May

march of last year i was looking for something different for an event. something outside the box of cupcakes or ice cream cake. i came across homemade cake balls on audrey kate rae’s etsy page. i thought she was genius (still do!) and i thought only master baker’s could create something so cool and different!

BUT… then it seemed like a cake pop revolution began. i had to try my hand at baking these new treats that are popping up everywhere… over a year later. i really, honestly, didn’t think cake pops could be so easy to make!

shopping list:

1 box of cake mix

1 jar of cake frosting (should match cake mix: chocolate cake mix/chocolate frosting, or be bold and dangerous with the mixing)

1 bag of candy, craft, or sucker sticks (can be found at michaels)

1 32 oz or 2 lbs pkg of candy coating  (baking chocolate will not work. trust me.)

your fav sprinkles

and a styrofoam something to hold your pops upright!


bake the cake according to its instructions. usually found on the side or the back of the box. let that puppy cool completely. crumble it up in a large mixing bowl, break it by hand or in a food processor.

mix 1 – 2 large spoonfuls of frosting into the crumbled cake until you get a truffle-like texture. should be easy to shape.

roll tablespoon sized balls of the mixture and place them on cookie sheets. i tried making some look like ice cream pops. get adventurous with your shapes. heck someone got all crazy and made up these cake pops… we don’t need to reinvent the wheel but we can try different shapes.

let them chill in the fridge for a couple hours or overnight. depending on how much more you want to do from here.

once back from intermission. follow the candy coating instructions.

dip an end of the sucker stick in candy coating and insert that candy coated end into the cake ball or cake rock or whatever you created.

dip your creation pop in candy coating, swirl to coat.

now quickly coat with sprinkles. TADA!

i have no idea how many cake pops you will make. it all depends on the size of your whatever you decide to make. it also depends on how much of it you eat while making it.

if you are super ambitious or a pro at the baking check out this book from bakerella… then ship me your inspirations because i told you so!


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