reuse this…

1 May

in some past life i may have been a hoarder. i just can’t throw away glass jars… and some magazines and anything my grandma gives me. i’ve been re-using spaghetti sauce and  french jelly jars for my organic sugars, flour, lentils, mini cup cake papers, and whatever else comes packaged in a plastic bag. however, i was faced with a dilemma today. i couldn’t remember which was the brown sugar and which jar was the molasses so i used that chalk board paint to solve that problem:

it’s real simple: you go to your local hardware or paint store get a little bucket of the chalk board paint (i bought the rust-oleum brand) and one of those sponge brushes or several in different sizes. Pop open, stir it up, then dip and paint away. Of course make sure the surface you are working on is clean and dry.

(OH! Mental Note: if your husband opens the can for you make sure he tells you so and make sure he has made eye contact with you and knows you know that he popped open the lid -OR- you might be in a situation where you spill paint on your patio floor, pajama pants, toes, and right hand. Just a mental note.)


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