Safety First

14 Apr

I don’t consider myself a neglectful person in the least, in fact, I would say I lean more towards paranoid and overbearing.  Nonetheless, even I have “lost track” my son in a public place.  It was probably only for a minute but it was the most terrifying minute of my life. 

My 5-year-old went on his very first field trip today.  While I have the utmost confidence in his teachers and the parent chaperones, I watch a lot of Dateline and other scary shows and I know how easy it is for kids to be distracted while out and about.  And, again, I’m paranoid.  My son’s teacher asked that we label all car seats and sack lunches and I thought…what about my kid?!  He’s more important than a car seat. 

So I labeled him too…

I took a piece of ribbon I had on hand cut to fit around his wrist with about an inch overlap.  I cut a piece of cardstock to the same width as the ribbon and wrote “If I am lost, please call….” with my cell phone number.  I then used packing tape to cover the paper and adhere it to the ribbon.   I created the closure with fabric glue and a small piece of hook and loop.  All of this I had on hand and it only took me 5 minutes. 

Maybe its a little much and a bit geeky.  But hey, better safe than sorry!  Besides, I think that silver Martha Stewart faux bois ribbon is pretty cute!


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