Eat.Shop Editors Wanted!

6 Apr

If ever publisher and creator of the Eat.Shop Guides, Kaie Wellman needs a San Diego guide I will be first in line resume flying high above my head like one of those annoying know-it-all first graders (you know who I am talking about! ;).

Alas, she’s looking for talented editors in the San Fran, Seattle, DC, and New Orleans area. Check out this short and fun questionnaire for the job:

#1: do you live in one of these cities?

washington dc

new orleans


san francisco

#2: are you equally as passionate and knowledgable about eating and shopping?

#3: do you love the uniqueness of local, independent places

#4: do you ferret out places in your town that nobody else knows about whether they be new or old?

#5: do you love funky and old and unusual as much as you love new and modern and chic?

#6: have you travelled extensively?

#7: have you lived in a major city?

#8: do you have a discerning eye and a strong design aesthetic?

#9: do you love taking pictures of objects

#10: do you have a digital slr camera (not a point and shoot!)?

#11: do you blog?

#12: is your writing style fresh and full of spunk and verve?

#13: what magazines, blogs, media do you read?

#14: are you super hooked in to your city on an eating / food / retail / art / design / music / business level?


okay. that’s enough questions for now. if you’re interested in throwing your hat in the ring,

paste these questions into an email with your answers!


kaie wellman

publisher / creator: guides



One Response to “Eat.Shop Editors Wanted!”

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