the handkerchief spring challenge

20 Mar

Sew, I was trying to clean out the garage but instead I tripped and stumbled down nostalgia lane (typical). I was stuck somewhere between 1989 – 1992 and found plenty of Hello Kitty gear that I could open my own Sanrio Surprise gift shop.  I guess I went through a phase of collecting Kero Kero Keroppi and had accumulated quite a bit of Sanrio handkerchiefs in the process as well. I showed our friend, Ming who told me that in China they keep handkerchiefs on them at all times for purposes other than blowing their noses. He said they use them to dry their hands after washing in public restrooms. Often times toilet patrons either pay for a napkin or don’t have the option of drying their hands.

This got me to thinking… we could totally follow the lead of China and either charge for the restroom napkins or not have the option of dry hands as we leave. We are already working on eliminating plastic bags why not reduce our paper use as well? Oh the conveniences of being American but we really take for granted and abuse all that we have. We need to be more resourceful and be kinder to earth. We can also teach our children some major lessons on reducing, recycling, and reusing!

Bows and Mums Vintage Hankie from Etsy Store: cushgoods

Very Unusual Vintage Hankie from Etsy Store: cushgoods

Since it is spring we can all try to for a season (and hopefully forever after) of using handkerchiefs to dry our hands after washing in public. Who knows where and what else we can get creative about. I have plenty but for those of you who need some ideas (your local antique store might have some very cool vintage linens laying about) check out Etsy.

Here are some sweet handkerchiefs just perfect for spring at Cushgoods.

Think of all the fun you can have finding handkerchiefs for friends, family, different seasons, to match your wardrobe?  Small changes make for big results! Share your hankie-pankie ideas of saving our world one idea at a time with us!


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