Dr. Mom, you’re my HERO!

10 Mar

I had a very Toy Story 2 moment in my household recently. You all remember the scene when young Andy is playing and Woody’s arm seam rips open. It’s a tale all too familiar with our children’s beloved toys.

My daughter has a hand-me-down dinosaur that was my husbands’ when he was her age. She came to me with the stuffed toy and pointed out that he was “broken”. Well, his combination sand/stuffing insides were starting to come through the very worn outside. I told her that I would make him better and fix his boo-boo.

I went to my fabric scraps and found some cute dinosaur fabric. I cut a band-aid shape big enough to cover the spot and hand stitched the poor, worn out toy. My daughter was very appreciative and kisses her dinosaurs ouchie…there, all better! Dr. Mom saves the day!

Have you had to perform small miracles on your kids’ toys lately?


3 Responses to “Dr. Mom, you’re my HERO!”

  1. Yvette March 11, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    I too have had to save one of Owen’s dear friends. Bear Bear was at the bad end of an attack by Chewy the vicious watch dog. I just sewed him up but bandaids would have been much more fun!

    • whoopiecookie March 11, 2011 at 11:04 am #

      How cute would it be… a stuffed animal that lost it’s button eye, an eye patch could be sewn on if a suitable replacement was not to be found… very Pirate Chic!


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