Pot of Gold

3 Mar

It’s March. 

Let’s thaw out and enjoy the many celebrations offered this month.  These fun cookies are a great place to start!  This recipe for Leprechaun Hats is super easy and a blast to do with the kids. 

All you need to do is make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and just after taking them out of the oven, while they are still hot, place a large marshmallow on top.  It will start to melt a little and stick to the cookie.

While those cool, you can dye your frosting.  Pop it in the microwave for a few seconds until it will pour.  Place your cookies on top of a cooling rack with wax paper or parchment paper underneath for easy clean up.  Gently spoon the melty green frosting over the cookies until they are completely covered. 

We used Tootsie Rolls sliced (mom did the slicing) and green Mike And Ikes cut down to dress up the hats.  The kids can unwrap the candy while you prepare the less-than-kid-friendly parts of the recipe. 

You’ll find this sugary treat  at the end of anyone’s rainbow is sure to impress. 


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