Updated Family Tree

21 Feb

I’ve been looking for something to place above the TV in our family room. What better place to display a family tree than a family room! I scoured the web for modern takes on family trees. There are a ton of great ideas and a few in particular that I liked…

This one is from Cozyblue and can be purchased from their Etsy shop. I think this one in particular would be great as a gift for anyone starting their own family. This obviously not the family tree for you if you are looking to include several generations.

Le Papier Studio offers family trees displaying up to 4 generations. Everything is customizable. You can even choose from a number of silhouettes or send in photos to have personalized ones made. I love silhouettes and find these both beautiful and classic. Whatever your design sensibility may be this family tree will add a timeless touch.

Martha Stewart always knows how to do it right. This family tree is more playful and looks great as a wall mural. She offers templates and a step by step guide to DIY. The idea to add owls as well as birds instead of just leaves gives this tree an updated look, as do the bright, fun colors. Since owls are often a symbol of wisdom, it’d be really significant to include the elder members of the family as owls.

Many of my crafting is born of my “gotta have it now” attitude….for better or worse. Since I find it difficult to wait for the shipping and handling process to play out I am more like to make my own rather than purchase online. So this morning I made a small family tree to hang above the TV.

I found a modern tree for inspiration at Byrdiegraphics and decided to carry the faux woodgrain contact paper from the dining room over to the family room. I found some scrapbook paper that was patterned with flowers and some beautifully glittered leaves. I cut the leaves out to be used on my tree. Once I had everything in place I used a fine tip Sharpie to write in everyone’s first names.

The Finished Product:


One Response to “Updated Family Tree”

  1. Caasi February 21, 2011 at 11:32 pm #

    I love this! I have been researching family trees for a while now. I still haven’t narrowed down the style I want. This is fantastic! I like how modern it is!

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