My Project Room

1 Feb

I have been pretty busy and have neglected my bloggy friends! The holidays were pretty rough. I even made lots of handmade gifts! Can you believe I didn’t get lots of photos of them so I can share? I was in my own little sweatshop for hours!

I had such a great time over the holidays. One of my favorite gifts was my dress form! I was thrilled! I have been wanting one for so long. I have a lot of clothes that I’d like to resize and re-style. I also am thinking of checking out local thrift stores for clothes that I can change too.

My project room quickly became a disaster over the holidays. I have scraps of fabric, clothes, materials…lots of clutter in general. It was in need of an organizing overhaul!

To begin with, it’s not completely finished. This doesn’t help at all. We got the new windows in, but other than that, no work has been done since. I’m going to have to get it done one day…until then I have to make it work!

I put in an old bookshelf and stocked it with scrap booking supplies, books, containers and jars. I also bought some large containers for my fabric, materials and clothes and they fit perfectly under our old computer desk from our old house. I set up my drafting table for a workstation.

I have a small table and easel for the kiddos. My daughter really likes to color and paint…this room is perfect for that! It also means that the kids (and paint) are far away from inside the house!

Lastly, I set up a small cafe table and two chairs for a small sitting area. I like to sit here and read magazines and books. I feel like being in my creative space also gives my more inspiration.

Of course this means more projects to come! I can’t wait to get back to my projects again. I took a month off, I’m ready to go! Cheers to the new year!!


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