Pull Up A Chair and Stay Awhile

14 Jan

With two little ones and, let’s face it, a husband, meal time can get messy (I, myself, never make a mess)!  Our dining room chairs needed cushions, but cushions on their own would be a real pain to keep clean.  I considered going grandma and covering them with plastic, but stylistically I don’t think it would have worked.  So, removable cushion covers was clearly the only way to go. 

I purchased inexpensive cushions from IKEA and clearance fabric from JoAnn’s.  I only had 2 yards so there was very little room for error. 

I made all my cuts and pinned all the edging in place.  Now, I am really not great at sewing projects.  You know the old saying, “measure twice, cut once.”  Well I am more of a “hurry up and cut it cause I want to see what it looks like finished” kind of girl. 

I literally placed the cushions in the fabric and took measurements that way.  Caasi is probably cringing right now!

In any event, once the edges were sewn, I pinned the sides in place and sewed the side pieces to the main piece.  I made the covers to have a flap that covers the back edge and added some velcro to close. 

Considering I didn’t know what I was doing, I’m really pleased with how they turned out.  This is definately a project that anyone can do.  If I could pull it off, you can too! 

Who’s coming over for dinner?


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