don’t judge me! i am no saint.

3 Jan

you know you’ve thought about it. what would you look like all dolled up as glamorous as a 50’s pin up girl? well,  only a boudoir photo shoot by  la mia bella photo (aka teresa brantley) can make your thought a reality. offering a single session or a party with a couple of your close girlfriends in the comfort of your own bedroom teresa helps you find your inner betty or marilyn.


mrs. collins

need another reason to stick to your 2011 resolution or inspiration for a valentine’s gift: just give la mia bella photo a call, email, or hit them up on facebook!


ms. shepard

however, if the bedroom is not where you want to be or if you want your family in the shoot, la mia bella photo can help you with that too. read on…

i made my family take our first family photo session by a professional photographer! no picture people in the mall or some lame studio… instead, teresa and i found a quite location and she took photos of us. naturally, there were some moments of awkwardness: where should my hands go, do i look fat, my right side is my better side, etc., but ever patient and always sweetly honest, teresa produced plenty of gorgeous shots!

la mia bella photo


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