no cut. no color. just wash and dry!

19 Dec

my friend and i had a very important date this past thursday. with little time on our blackberry and iPhone we booked a quick hair appointment. one that would take about 30 minutes (until we added a “floater,” which is a 10 minute head massage).  we arrived at the dry bar in west hollywood about five minutes before we were due. our hair was a mess, not washed in days, and we looked crazed.

we sat down, took a look at the menu, had a mini-consultation, then we were swept off to be washed and massaged. after our wash just like at any other salon we were brought back to our station where we were dried. this dry bar has just about anything you need with in arm’s reach- an iPod docking station, a flat screen t.v. playing girl’s night out type movies (we watched Pretty Woman), pre-packaged snacks, and drinks!

speaking of drinks! “the menu” offers six different types of “poison” or styles: straight up, manhattan, southern comfort, cosmopolitan, mai tai, and the shirley temple. i had a little southern comfort mixed with a lot of cosmo, which is basically big hair w/ volume and lots of loose curls. My friend had the mai tai mixed with the cosmo- messy and beach w/ lots of loose curls. The salon offers photo books at each station to see the different styles offered.

very shabby chic, the guys and gals at the salon are super sweet and helpful. they’re quick and efficient, only $35 so you want to spend more on “extras” and possibly become a member! i want to open one in san diego so i don’t have to buy shampoo anymore!


One Response to “no cut. no color. just wash and dry!”

  1. Sage December 22, 2010 at 1:43 am #

    Blogging that speaks to my heart!!! Sounds amazing well done!!!

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