Tee Shirt Re-Fashion

10 Dec

I have lots of over-sized tee shirts in my dresser drawer. Most of these shirts are Los Angeles Lakers shirts in extra large. I get them from my Mother-in-Law because she frequently goes to the games and gets them as door prizes. I didn’t really know what to do with such a large shirt and with so many of them. I have been re-sizing larger shirts to fit for sometime now… I thought this was an opportunity  to re-size these with  a twist.

I took the large shirt and I took my favorite shirt (one that fits well) and used it as my template. I matched up the shoulders and with a fabric pen, I roughly outlined the top with a 5/8″ seam allowance. I also marked out a new neck line.

Next, I took out the scissors. I cut the sides and the neck along the lines I made.

After that, I matched up, and sewed both sides. The fun part comes next…

As a cute twist, and also to help with the length.. I decided to add side ties.

Out of the remaining fabric I cut out two pieces, rectangular shaped 2″ by 10″. I pinned them on each side, spaced evenly over the inside, side seam and folded under 1/2″ so it was finished at the bottom. I sewed the pieces on three sides leaving the bottom open like a little upside down pocket. I then sewed up the ditch of the side seam and stopped 3/4″ from the top seam creating an upside down, u-shaped channel.

I cut two long strips, they don’t have to be perfect, about 3/4″ to 1″ wide and however long, not hard, fast rule on that. After they are cut, stretch them out and they will curl up. Use a safety pin on one end and help feed the cord through the “u” pocket to the other side.

Next, even out the sides, pull and tie! Repeat on the other side.

Lastly, I used single fold biased tape to create the finished neckline. I happened to have left over purple from my daughter’s dinosaur costume on hand. Luckily, the Lakers team colors are purple and gold!

I really like my new shirts! I re-fashioned 2 of them and possibly more. They never have really cute sports team shirts for women and now I have my own original one to wear to the games! I’ll be one of a kind and super cute! Above all, I have given life to two shirts I never really wore… you should check out your local Goodwill, husband’s/boyfriend’s closet or outlet stores for cheap finds and make your own favorite sports team shirt!


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