Christmas is Back!

7 Dec

No doubt we’ve all felt the pinch these last couple years. But things seem to looking up as more people are out spending this year.  Here are my picks for season’s great gift ideas:
Construction Plate & Utensils

What little boy wouldn’t want to eat with these utensils?  Dinner just got a lot more fun!

$14.95 – $17.49









Blocks For  a New Generation

Blocks are pretty basic, but these puppies take it to a whole new level.  The wide variety of angles and positions that these blocks can take on, will inspire any kid to be think beyond the old school cube that was once a “block.”









Paper Pot

These mod tissue holders add style beyond the boring flowery boxes.  Any stylista will appreciate this design and with pink, blue, orange, and green to choose from, you’ll find a color for any room!










Mustache Lowball Glass

These are great for that friend that loves to entertain.  Guests will definitely smile to see eachother with a ‘stache as they drink up their favorite cocktail!








Guy Wolff Windowsill French Herb Garden

This gift is great for both the gardener and the cook in your life!  Throw in a great recipe that calls for these herbs and maybe they’ll invite you over for dinner!









Cooking with Trader Joe’s

Throw in a $10.00 gift card to get your loved one started and they will be well on their way to easy, accessible recipes using ingredients found just down the road.








Feather Necklace

A statement piece that would look great with your favorite party dress as well as your favorite pair of jeans, the necklace is a steal!  You’ll want one for yourself too!









Happy Shopping!!!


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