Let the Countdown Begin…

27 Nov

The countdown to Christmas has officially started.  Seriously, check it out at xmasclock.com.

What better way to kick off the Christmas season than fighting your way through crowded stores on Black Friday?  Well, I tried.  I went to one department store and saw the lines and decided there was nothing I needed that badly.  The only stores I was willing to wait in any kind of line at (with two kids in tow mind you) were Michaels and JoAnn’s

Since my Christmas decorations are in storage containers in the back of a closet that I was unwilling to dig through today, I decided to make a new wreath for the front door.  There is no better starting point than the front door!

The Christmas decorations for the “Easy Family Get Together” in the December issue of Parents Magazine are all adorable, but the wreaths really caught my eye.    I love that they are both modern and have an organic quality.  The moss makes them a little traditional, but the cute felt flowers are unexpected and fresh (ironically). 

Cutting the felt circles was probably the most time-consuming part.  But once that was complete, the rest went pretty quick.  I’d say I spent less than an hour on this project and I had a one year old tugging at me.

I am loving the finished product.  Most importantly, I am pleased that from the outside it appears that I have my act together and am ready to bring on Christmas!  If only they knew….


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    […] might recall the wreath I made for Christmas.  If not, take a look at this post.  I used a simple method for making those felt flowers (5 felt circles, each folded in […]

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