The Cheesecake Chronicles: Pumpkin Cheese(sorta)cake

11 Nov

and the winner is….


Why? Because I am the oldest and my recipe is the easiest and quickest and least messy! So I win and I also made it up all by myself out of spite against Caas and Vettski because they didn’t include me on their little competition! No, I am not bitter at all… I am just as sweet and humble as my pumpkin cheesecake!

shopping list:


trader joe’s pumpkin cream cheese

yield: however many you plan on making!

time: oh, say about 5 minutes/whole bagel, max

prep: toast your bagel, generously spread the seasonally great TJ’s pumpkin cream cheese across your bagel, use a fork to make your pie imprints around the edges and make your little holes so four and twenty blackbirds don’t come flying out at you… VOILA!

copyright 2010 summer browner

everyone loved them (except lucas but he doesn’t count because he has a palette of a 20-month old, literally).



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