Shopping anyone?

30 Sep

What girl doesn’t love shopping? It’s one of my favorite pastimes, right alongside sleeping and my mommy “timeouts.” Well… lately I have found that with two kids, there isn’t much time for shopping. This is a good thing for my husband and our bank account, but a major upset for me! I have since found my favorite shopping buddy,

Shopstyle has a great app for iPhone, iTouch and iPad for an all in one shopping experience! The shopstyle website is fantastic too! All my favorite stores, designers and brands rolled into one. It was so annoying sitting online on multiple sites and composing “wish lists” on each one.

On the shopstyle app, I can search by category, designer, brand or store. I can flip through photos and save to my favorites (which will also link and save to your favorites on the website) or select “buy” and it will take me directly to the store’s website to make the purchase. Some of the stores, from the many available to shop, are Anthropologie, Coach, Forever 21 and Old Navy. Shopstyle not only has clothes, accessories and shoes.. they also have categories for home decor, kids and babies!

Most of the time I find myself using the shopstyle app, but the website has more to offer and it’s sure to be a bookmarked favorite. They have a section called “Celebrity Style” for looks inspired by a variety of celebrities. The “Style Notes” section is a daily blog of all things fashion and beauty related. Lastly, my personal favorite, “Community Looks.” A section/bulletin board that people post to and share inspirational photos and fashion looks that they created! You should check out!

I’m so excited for my find, I just had to share it! I can shop anytime and anywhere I want to! I think I will take my mommy timeout and do some shopping tonight… I think you should too!


One Response to “Shopping anyone?”

  1. CultureChoc2010 September 30, 2010 at 1:51 pm #

    Just what I need – more shopping apps! Love it!

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