How Old is that Puppy in the Window?

29 Sep

My Aiden turned One! 

When trying to decide on the details for Aiden’s first birthday party I considered what he was into…Since a nursing themed birthday party would have been really awkward, I decided that puppies were one of the few things that really got him excited. 

All of my decorations really started to take shape once I found the cutest cupcake papers at Meri Meri

From there I made the decision to hand paint tablecloths to match.  I am so glad that I started weeks in advance because it took me forever!  My husband suggested I use stamps.  But I was really going for a modern (almost mod) look and wanted to ensure I had crisp clean edges.  So, I used dog bone shaped cookie cutters dipped in paint and to mark the outline and then filled them…one at a time…by hand…

I am really happy with the result though.  I made 5 tablecloths in total.  One really long one for the food table and a small one for the plates, napkins, etc.  The other three went over short picnic tables that we made out of one sheet of plywood.  We were able to make the tables so that the legs can screw in and out so we can just unscrew them and easily store the table tops standing upright in a closet for future use. 

We purchased the sandwiches (I had way too much baking to do the night before) and some of my loving family provided the sides.  All in all the spread was cool and fresh for a record-breaking hot day!

Dessert is always my favorite part.  With those super cute cupcake papers I decided to go crazy and not make cupcakes!  I know I know…I live on the edge.  I made chocolate whoopie pies with vanilla frosting in the middle.  After I pieced them together I rolled the sides of the whoopie pies in sprinkles so that they lined the edges.  They looked so fun and kind of mimicked the look of the dog bones on the cupcake papers and tablecloths. 

Since I was expecting about 50 guests, two dozen whoopie pies was not going to cut it!  So I also made a cake.  Not just any cake would do for a puppy themed party though.  I made a freakishly accurate looking “kibble cake.” 

I made this kibble cake in my largest Pyrex bowl.  Once completely cooled I slid it into a brand new, and clean dog dish.  I topped it with dark chocolate frosting and Cocoa Puffs cereal. 

For party favors I made rice crispy treats and cut them into dog bone shapes.  I dropped a handful of Cocoa Puffs, or dog kibble, into small plastic treat bags and then dropped the rice crispy treat on top.  I tied each off with matching dog bone ribbon and made tags that said “Woof.”  I placed them all in a wicker basket and labeled them “Treats.”

I think the party was a success…It was a lot of work, but well worth it since the memories will last a lifetime…as long as I properly document them in my scrapbook!

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3 Responses to “How Old is that Puppy in the Window?”

  1. Aunt Jeanette October 1, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    Great job, the cake was my favorite.

  2. angie October 21, 2010 at 8:33 am #

    You outdid yourself! Everything from the decorations to the deserts were great.


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