My Mt. Everest….

28 Sep

Call me crazy, but on the record hottest day in Los Angeles I decided to make cheesecake. I always thought it was so intimidating. I mean, something so delicious can’t be easy to make. I have flipped right past many recipes for cheesecake. I always wanted to just try once to see if I can do it and of all days.. I picked yesterday!

This cheesecake was my Mt. Everest. I was anxious and excited, but nervous for my graham cracker crust. I was desperate to get the right consistency and crossed my fingers that I had evenly pressed it to the pan with out cracking it. The actual filling was very easy to make, my stand mixer did all the work and it came out smooth as silk. I poured in the filling slowly and slid the pan gently in the oven.

It was agony sitting in the house with the oven on at 350 degrees for forty long minutes on such a hot day. When the timer finally rang, I took the cheesecake out of the oven and gently giggled it to see if it was almost set. It was perfect, but I was far from finished. The next part was the hardest… 5 hours of cooling. The yummy smell of cheesecake filled the house, but as Alton Brown always says… “your patience will be greatly rewarded.”

After 30 minutes of cooling on a rack, I had to use a small spatula to run between the crust and the pan to separate the two. The crust is so delicate, I was not looking forward to the next step. I had to wait another 30 minutes and then remove the spring form pan sides. I was imagining the cheesecake crust would crumble and fall off as soon as I removed it. I thought, “if I can just get through this”…and as I unlatched the side and the pan popped off… the cheesecake gods smiled down on me.. it was perfect. I did it! The crust didn’t fall apart, the filling actually set, the cheesecake didn’t crack…I made it to the top of my cheesecake mountain!

Of course I couldn’t enjoy a piece of my victory until today. I took a slice this morning to share with my carpool buddy, Laura. I told her that I reserve no judgement about eating cheesecake for breakfast, I had eaten my piece on my way to pick her up. I couldn’t wait until I got home! I don’t think any dessert lover could! It was smooth and delicious and the crust was perfect! I guess I worried it would turn out like those store-bought kind, bland, dry and cracked. I wish I could share a slice of victory with you all!

If I can survive, then you can too! I was thinking of trying a raspberry cheesecake with a chocolate crust. Any other ideas? I’d love to hear your cheesecake stories. Tell us what your favorites are, store-bought or homemade, or tell us about the time you tried to make one yourself.


One Response to “My Mt. Everest….”

  1. Aunt Jeanette October 1, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    Yummy cheesecake…I want some now.

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