Embroidery Me This…

16 Sep

On a mission for ideas to update my bedroom, I thought I’d start by looking for a new headboard.  The headboard should be the focal point of any bedroom, so I was looking for something different and fairly inexpensive (these are tight times).  I ran across this image of a headboard that was embroidered to give the look of wrought iron.  Genius!

This got me thinking about what other ways you could incorporate embroidery in a headboard!  I searched a little more and found another super cute embroidered headboardThink about it, the possibilities are endless!  For me, in a home filled with boys and their sticky, grimy hands, I think I would have to try this with a removable headboard cover that can be spot cleaned or dry cleaned if necessary. 

One idea I had was to try an embroidered headboard with a faux bois look (I’m totally obsessed with faux bois right now). 

Hmmm….I’ll let you know if I decide to try to tackle that one….

Embroidery does have another place in design…the HOOPS!  They are of course useful when you’re doing the actual embroidery, but when you’re done they look great filled with cool fabrics and hung on a wall or even on the ceiling! 

This nursery uses embroidery hoops for a new take on a baby’s mobile.  Again, Genius!


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