kristmas kahlua

10 Sep

i have totally been stressing over creating a label for these bottles i have “fermenting” in my kitchen cabinet. i have been scouring the internets searching for ‘d.i.y. bottle labels’. i came across plenty cool and a lot of not so cool. i guess i was searching for something original, fun, and a little vintage. i was hoping for help from martha’s site but alas! i haphazardly clicked on amy moss’ eat drink chic site and a couple more clicks later i was learning illustrator all over again (thanks mary!).

(spoiler alert: if all goes well these might just be christmas gifts! so stop reading until after christmas. you know who you are…) my mother-in-law shared her home-made kahlua recipe with me a month or so back and next week i will be having a little kahlua-tasting party. she finds her bottles at the rancho cucamonga wineries (in california); however, i am sure you will be able to find some of your own cool bottles. don’t forget to sterilize them!

shopping list:

12 bottles

3/4 Cups Organic Instant Coffee (Trader Joe’s has a nice one but its not Organic)

2 T, 1t Molina Vanilla (has to be Mexican vanilla)

8 Cups Organic Sugar

1 Gallon Tito’s Handmade Vodka (I had to buy it because of my G’pa! His nickname is Tito)

8 Cups Water

yield: 24 bottles time: about 4.5 hours (oh so worth the mouth watering smells)


simmer all ingredients (except vodka) for two hours. let mixture cool for about another two hours then add vodka. stir it up. after your done humming bob marley’s stir it up song to yourself, using a funnel pour the completed mixture into the bottles (careful b/c this can become a sweet sticky mess!). seal and store in a cool, dark place for six to eight weeks. don’t forget to mark your calendars and maybe outside the box.

six or eight weeks later…

have a kahlua tasting party and enjoy (let me know how yours came out!). i’ll post pictures of that experience in about one week!

…please stand by…patiently waiting for my kahlua…

d.i.y. labels

now for the reason for the premature kristmas kahlua post (besides i haven’t posted in awhile). below are the labels i semi-created. basically i borrowed some designs and mixed a couple of different projects together. hey, i am not a pro on illustrator yet! like i stated earlier i found this amazing blog by amy moss (i am still looking and reading everything about her- i am totally blog stalking! i hope one day whoopie cookie has blog stalkers! 🙂 you can also download amy’s versions on her site: eat drink chic. i am just a little undecided which i like better. i might have to scrap both and start over again. what do you think?


2 Responses to “kristmas kahlua”

  1. Caasi September 11, 2010 at 11:05 pm #

    I like the first one…and I won’t mind getting a bottle of this under my tree! 😉

  2. angie October 21, 2010 at 8:20 am #

    yummm…i think this would make a perfect gift for me!

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