Cheese Cave

11 Aug

being from chino i have a thing for farms, cows, and dairy products. i don’t mind the smell of manure on a sunday morning either. it feels like home so naturally i have a weak spot for all things dairy: cold, cold whole milk, ice cream, chocolate, creams, yogurts, and CHEESE! i was so excited when i saw a cheese shop opening in claremont, ca. if you don’t know where claremont is, the small college town is nestled in the foothills near mt. baldy about 30 miles east of pasadena (home of the world famous rose bowl). it seemed for months there where was brown paper covering the windows with the cheese cave’s story.

well, lydia and marney have brought their passion and cheese home at the cheese cave. it is so inviting you just want to touch, eat, and buy one of everything, doesn’t matter what it is. i had an emmentaler + speck + moroccan mustard sandwich with a side of cornichons (your choice: corn- nuts or chons). i devoured that sucker before i even got to my car! the taragon mustard (which i think lydia, purple hair, made) was a perfect combination with the dandelion greens, ham, and the mildly sharp swiss. marney (pink hair) was super helpful and such a gracious host. they might know a lot of somethings about cheese. my new bff’s for sure and i will be back tomorrow to try another sandwich (or maybe i’ll try their salad) and pester them about their love for cheese.

they’re not open monday so thank goodness for tuesdays and every other day in the week!


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