6 Aug

My husband loves Cioppino (seafood stew). He had been bugging me for months about making it for him. You see he is the cook of the family. I can’t just whip stuff up like he can! I need a recipe! I started looking some up and even sat through an episode of Tyler’s Ultimate on Food Network. I’d say it was torture…but I think he’s soooo hot! Anyway, his recipe seemed way too complicated for a cook of my level (basically anything from a box..otherwise I’m in trouble). About a month later, I bought a copy of Martha Stewart Living (April 2010). Could you believe the coincidence that there was a recipe in her magazine for Cioppino?! The article was “No-stress Entertaining” and she was right!

The recipe was easy and I broke it up into two parts. I made the stock the night before (it only took about 15 min). I stored it overnight in the refrigerator. I wanted to save time. On my way home from work the next day, I picked up the fresh seafood. When I got home, I simmered the stock and did little prep work to the seafood. When the stock was ready, I added the seafood…Voila! In less than 20 minutes, I had my husband’s favorite dish on the table and it was so easy! It was absolutely “a good thing”…

Message me if you’d like the recipe. I tried to find the link on but was unsuccessful (or distracted.. I love her site!)


3 Responses to “Cioppino?”

  1. Aunt Jeanette August 6, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    That looks yummy, when are you making it again…dinner date?

  2. Yvette August 6, 2010 at 10:45 am #

    We recently went out to a pretty pricey dinner at a nice Italian restaurant in La Jolla, CA and two friends at our table ordered this! They’ll be happy to know that they can easily make it at home too! Thanks for the post!


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    […] Texas BBQ, beignets and cioppino.  (I already have cioppino on the brain thanks to Caasi’s post over at Whoopie […]

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