31 Jul

oatmeal whoopie pie with lemon mascarpone frosting

to be perfectly honest i did not think oatmeal (sans raisins b/c yvette does not like them) would go very well with lemon. yvette loves to prove me wrong so she whipped these up one night in no time at all. i think she made like 5o of them!!!

surprisingly, the lemon mascarpone and oatmeal was a very sweet and yummy treat! i guess i should doubt yvette more often if she’s that quick to prove me wrong.

p.s. message us if you like whoopie pies or would like the recipe! yvette will share (i hope!). love, s.


One Response to “Whoopie!”

  1. caasicopp August 5, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

    Sounds delicious… can I sign up as a taste-tester?

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