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31 Jul

oatmeal whoopie pie with lemon mascarpone frosting

to be perfectly honest i did not think oatmeal (sans raisins b/c yvette does not like them) would go very well with lemon. yvette loves to prove me wrong so she whipped these up one night in no time at all. i think she made like 5o of them!!!

surprisingly, the lemon mascarpone and oatmeal was a very sweet and yummy treat! i guess i should doubt yvette more often if she’s that quick to prove me wrong.

p.s. message us if you like whoopie pies or would like the recipe! yvette will share (i hope!). love, s.

Gimme S’More!

25 Jul

S’More Whoopie Pies

With summer in full swing we got together with friends and neighbors for a potluck.  I always volunteer for dessert because…well I love to bake!  After days of searching for the perfect treat, I settled on S’More Whoopie Pies.  What says “outdoor-fun-on-a-summer-afternoon” more than a S’More?  I made about 40 and had no trouble at all getting rid of every last one! 

When you don’t have the opportunity for a real campfire, try a S’More Whoopie Pie!


20 Jul

c’mon people do good for our earth and re-use, recycle, and reduce our needs for so many things…it’s the little things that make a big difference.

if you are ever in a bind and can’t find what you are looking for or just want to shop make your eco-friendly general store.  this store reminds me of when we would take family trips to big bear. there was a general store down the road from our cabin with the coolest things.

“Did you know that Americans throw away 100 billion plastic bags after only one use. We could save more than a million birds and 100, 000 marine mammals and sea turtles that die every year from eating or getting strangled by plastic bags” (, 2010).

Unbirthday Party

18 Jul

alice in wonderland (the real people) are all the rage in this house and since i was terribly late sending out invites (see below) the girls had a very late and “unbirthday” party. guests were asked to wear their best mad hatter hat and to bring their bathing suits.

after searching online for alice themed or inspired party ideas i found this website: the long thread. there were so many great ideas and images i quickly realized this party would be a breeze!

menu: we had peanut butter and jelly heart-shaped sandwiches, croissants filled with chicken and cranberry salad, build-your-own sandwiches, fruit, and vegetables. our french neighbors brought the most delicious patisseries from ôpera in san diego. our good friends from los angeles provided the yummiest chocolate mousse and raspberry cake in the world!

activities: the kids made their own foam crowns from supplies from joann’s and michaels. they also had fun “painting the roses red.”

party favors: yvette found these delicious edible tea cups from the disney site that we used as party favors. of course there were ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ labels on everything. i used the harrington font provided by the macbook. the girls were allowed to pick their own balloons from party city (mental note: don’t ever do this again!).

Nautical Surprises

12 Jul

surprise: a nautical themed baby shower

our good friend is french and i guess they don’t have baby showers in europe. so it was a double surprise for her when 1) we didn’t go to dinner as “planned” and 2) a few of her friends were popping up from behind couches! i didn’t have time to create an invite because it was a last minute decision to throw a party the weekend before the un-birthday party! thank gawd for yvette who loves to shop, create, and inspire me!

menu: lasagna, caesar salad, dinner rolls, berries, and a variety of batter up cupcakes (as long as they matched my color scheme- red velvet, chocolate/chocolate, vanilla/chocolate, to name a few). for drinks we had perrier, sangria with a fizzy twist, and assorted sodas. our neighbor also made the most melt in your mouth deelish! toffee brownies…

activities: the usual baby shower games- baby word scramble, measure the belly, and guess-who-the-gift-is-from (if the mama-to-be guessed correctly she won the gift!). winners also took home the centerpieces.

party favors: little brown bag filled with salt water taffies and a nautical inspired pen. yvette and i also made these origami paper boats as place cards. the mama also took home a diaper cake, small wooden light houses, and love! awl…

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