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International Thanks.

14 Nov

since we moved to san diego we’ve met a lot of new friends and most are european with the exception of our asian friend. i decided to have a first annual international thanksgiving. i know thanksgiving is primarily an american or canadian tradition but why not share our love for food with others who love food too? it was pot luck style and everyone had to bring a dish from their own culture. it was a strange mix but so tasty!

menu: japanese chicken curry and steamed rice | baguette with bleu cheese spread, honey, and pecans (i think i ate all of those!) |  my first turkey and sweet potatoes w/ marshmallows | cranberries | belgium beer | french wine | danish dessert!

activities: drinking, talking about thankfulness, chasing kids, and giving our turkey center piece feathers! each feather we wrote what we were thankful for!

favors: full bellies!

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